Modèle:Infobox soundtrackHellfire Follies is the 2nd soundtrack for the chapters in Bendy and the Ink Machine. It was written by theMeatly.

While the ambient is used for both of the chapters, the music from the soundtrack plays in Chapter 1.

Description Modifier

It plays in the background during each chapters' gameplay. The soundtrack itself is more of an ambient, consisting of buzzing-static and water dripping sounds.

If Henry approaches the filming areas of the Workroom from Chapter 1, the instruments including a tuba, clarinet, and piano can be faintly heard playing in the ambiance, suggesting that the music is coming right out of the cartoon itself.

Trivia Modifier

  • The song's title is possibly named after Feline Follies, a 1919 prototype cartoon starring Felix the Cat.
  • Before Chapter 1's update, this track was used for the animation in the Projector Room.