Modèle:EraiconModèle:SpoilerTemp Modèle:Infobox character Norman Polk is a character from Chapter 2 in Bendy and the Ink Machine. He is presumably the band conductor to collaborate with Joey Drew at Sillyvision and Joey Drew Studios.

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Very little is known about Norman's personality, yet, according to the voice recording, he seems to have been angry about Sammy telling him and other workers to wait in the hall every day.

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Chapter 2: The Old Song Modifier

Norman's cassette can be found inside the projector booth in the Orchestra Room.

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  • He speaks with what seems to be a southern American accent.
  • It appears that Norman was oblivious to what Sammy Lawrence and Joey Drew were doing.
  • The recording gives hints on how to solve the music puzzle.
  • There are few obvious errors and missing lines from Norman's transcript:
    • From the Game Jolt port, first lines lack the space from after the comma from the word "happens". It was later fixed upon release on Steam.
    • After saying "But Sammy" from the third line, the words "oh no" are missing.
    • Norman's words "I really do" are missing at the end of his words "I have half a mind to talk to Mr. Drew about all this".

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