Modèle:Stub Modèle:Eraicon This article refers to the soundtrack. For other uses, see Sammy (disambiguation). Modèle:Infobox soundtrackSammy Jam is a song from Chapter 2 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.

It was written by Ray Gould.

Description Modifier

Sammy Jam plays in the lobby of the Music Department after defeating the Searchers that spawn from the ink puddles. The song starts up slowly, and towards the end of the track starts to skip, and then repeats like a phonograph.

Trivia Modifier

  • The file in the game seems to show that this was originally called 'Lobby Jazz', as to indicate it was in the lobby.
    • It is to note it has probably been renamed after the head of the department, Sammy Lawrence.

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