Modèle:Eraicon Modèle:SpoilerTemp Modèle:Infobox character Modèle:Quote Susie Campbell is a character that appears in Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine, via a tape. She is the voice actor of Alice Angel.

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Not much is known about Susie's personality, but she does say that she believes that Alice Angel is like a part of her. It can also be inferred that she has dreams of making it big while starring as Alice.

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Chapter 2: The Old Song Modifier

Susie's cassette can be found in the Orchestra Room.

In said tape, she says that she's a recent addition to the studio and has voiced many background characters, including talking chairs and dancing chickens. She goes on to say that she will be voicing a new character named Alice Angel.

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  • Susie worked at Joey Drew Studios for two months.[1]
  • Susie's surname could also be a play on words for Bacon Soup, as in Campbell's Soup.

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