Modèle:Eraicon Modèle:Infobox item The record is one of six items Henry needs to collect to fix the Ink Machine from Chapter 1 in Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Description Modifier

It is a vinyl record, it's label reads "Bendy" in bold black letters. The title of the song is "The Lighter Side of Hell."

Locations Modifier

The record can be in one of four locations.

  • On the floor next to the animation desk in the first room.
  • Leaning against the projector stand in the first room.
  • Under the projector in the "DREAMS COME TRUE" area.
  • On the floor next to the animation desk in the hall leading to the Power room.

Trivia Modifier

  • Below the label, the record reads "The Lighter Side of Hell", a title for one of the songs for Bendy's show.
  • In Chapter 2, there are music sheets for the song.
  • It is speculated that the record is required to create a character's memory. In this case, it's Bendy.


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