Modèle:Infobox characterModèle:QuoteWally Franks is a character whose voice can be heard from Chapter 1 and 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.

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Very little is known about Wally's personality. However, he sounds suspicious of the workshop, including Joey's plans and the Ink Machine. He also felt worried about the Ink Machine's pipes, as he said he'd leave if another one burst.

Appearances Modifier

Chapter 1: Moving Pictures Modifier

His first appearance is as a voice from the radio. He talks about Joey Drew's plans and the Ink Machine. He is the only radio speaker in this chapter.

Chapter 2: The Old Song Modifier

His voice gives out hints on how to reach Sammy's office. From his speech, he complains that he lost his keys from one of the garbage cans, and has a bad feeling about what Sammy would do if he ever found out that Wally had lost his keys.

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Trivia Modifier

  • Wally speaks with a Brooklyn accent, which differs from most of the other accents heard in the studio.
  • His line "I'm out of here." from all chapters may be his catchphrase, or foreshadowing.
  • His recording in Chapter 2 implies there could be some tension between him and Sammy.

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